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New York City. Upon discovery of a portal that leads to countless other worlds, the Earth Alliance extends a goodwill-hand to the worlds of the Nexus, opening an educational institution far from the war-torn worlds where the promising future leaders and heroes can augment their skills. The institution is touted as a very special school, and attendance is closely monitored. They call it Magna Mater.

Magna Mater University (from here on out to be called MMU) is an AU University game, set in the state of New York. The students at this university will be characters from a wide variety of video games; and will come from their worlds, go through the nexus, and arrive in New York City. Upon arrival in the city, students will need to check in at the University in order to register, enroll in classes, and recieve a dorm room. Classes are geared toward all types of learners, even those with non-academic interests, and attending school in the big city means there's always something exciting to go out and do in the world around you.

What was once a place where powers were stripped, the device that allows the nexus to surpress that was destroyed. Now immortality and former abilities have returned to their recipients. Luckily, too, as the National Guard seems incompetant on how to destroy zombies. There is a power fluction as the U. S. Government struggles to re-install the device that limits their powers.

Please look down below for a link to the list of allowable series. If you would like someone from a series that is not listed, get in contact with the mods and we'll get back to you on your request as soon as possible! On that note, the maximum number of characters allowed is three, although once you've been an active member for some time we will bump your limit up to five. Original characters are allowed, upon approval of a good application. However, you must join the game as an already established character from a series, and show a decent level of activity for no less than two weeks, before you are allowed to apply for an OC. OC applications will be scrutinized very closely. Any semblances of Mary Sue/Gary Stu-like behavior will result in a denial.

All students and teachers will use a journal system to communicate with one another, and can talk about their daily lives or anything else that's on their mind. Its a great way to communicate and everyone is encouraged to use their journals as often as they'd like. All levels of roleplayers are invited to join, even those who are new to everything. We all had to start out as a newbie at one point or another, and the mod team will always do our best to make everyone feel welcome and at home.

001. Read the entire userinfo.
002. Make sure you look over the taken characters list.
003. Make sure you agree with all the rules and regulations.
004. Fill out the following and send it to magnamods@gmail.com.

Your Name:
Your Age:
Your AIM Screenname:
Your Personal Journal:

Character Name:
PB (if applicable):
Background (suited to fit the game, please be detailed):
Personality (again with the detailed!):
Sample Post (min 200 words, third person):

Please include your name (nickname, whatever), personal journal, and your AIM when sending your application. It'll take about 3-7 days for a reply, depending on the app and if we're being swamped by them for some reason. :P We'll let you know if that happens though. No worries!

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magna_ooc --OOC Community

Roni: haloradio
aim: urameshi // redregaiia
characters: rocklikeacock; redlightbabe; tothedawn

Kara: purgatory
aim: Devil Ingenuity // Forgiving Moon
characters: moomba_king; peacefullight; seekingtwilight; shadowdivine; switchback

Amanda: divinecomedy
aim: b movie zombies
characters: cryptorchild; frozenxheaven; nonamemadman